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Breakaway runs a large number of programs every year, from overnight trips to multi-week camps. Our programs are tailored to each group of youth, focusing on an activity or place they want to go. We will often seek their opinion on activities, taking requests and putting them into action where possible. This fosters a sense of ownership in campers and encourages feelings of self-worth.

Our why

We believe that each young person should have the chance to write their own story, regardless of the circumstances they grow up in. Through outdoor based activities and long-term relationship, we offer a chance for young people to gain self-confidence, have a place to belong and find hope in some of their darkest times.

Our Vision


Breakaway Youth offers young people HOPE by demonstrating that there are more positive ways to live and be.

Our Mission

- Breakaway Youth seeks to provide an outstanding program of intervention and challenge, bringing hope and opportunity to disadvantaged young people in Melbourne, Victoria and across Australia.

- To build long-term, consistent relationships with young people that provide care, trust and respect.

- To actively care for and guide young people through the transition from being a teen to a young adult, through creating spaces for them to belong.

- To use adventure-based activities and intentional learning spaces to build confident, skilled and resilient young people who can cope with the challenges of life.

- To operate safely and effectively, promoting the well-being of each young person and their families/carers.

- To encourage and support young people to be able to make critical life choices that will assist them in becoming responsible contributing citizens who are positively engaged in life and their community.

- To endeavour to be Christ-like in all we do, putting love into action through our words and behaviour.

Our Values

- We value the fundamental right of every young person to grow up being loved and cared for by a responsible adult and we value the positive relationship between a significant adult mentor and a young person.

- We value that each and every young person should have a supportive community around them that encourages and guides them through the teenage developmental period.

- We value and model good working family relationships, including open and honest communication.

- We seek to demonstrate core Christian values through leading by example and showing respect to everyone.