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Bottles 4 Breakaway

We know that many people want to support us financially but just don’t have the means. The Government’s Container Deposit Scheme has given us a way to raise funds without any financial burden to you.

By recycling your empty cans, bottles and some containers, the 10 cents refund for each one can come directly to us at Breakaway Youth and it won’t cost you a thing.


All you need is a mobile phone! Follow these easy steps and start donating today

Set Up

1. Download the CDS Vic North App to your phone.

2. Enter your details and log in.

3. Click DONATIONS and add Breakaway Youth as your donation partner.


  1. Take your cans and bottles to a refund point. There are 2 types – the big Reverse Vending Machines you see everywhere, plus some milk bars and other businesses. To find one near you click on REFUND POINTS on the app and it will take you to a map where you can search for the closest one to you.
  2. When you arrive scan the bar code on your App. Then feed your containers into the vending machine one by one or hand them over to the milk bar owner.

Your 10 cents per container will come directly to us at Breakaway Youth

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!