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Breakaway Youth exists to break a cycle of poverty, despair and hopelessness for identified “at risk” young people living in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Breakaway Youth makes a difference in our young peoples lives by early intervention and connection to offer long-term support. Dedicated leaders build long term transformation relationships with our young participants through the medium of monthly camps and other activities, with a focus on youth development. We run an adventure based activities program to build and support the young people with life skills giving them hope for a better future, and supporting them to make life choices that will move them toward thriving as individuals. At Breakaway Youth we put love into action by providing a place to belong, an environment that is full of challenges and encouragement, and being Christ-like in everything we do. Breakaway Youth is a Not - For - Profit organisation whose Vision, Culture and Activities are based on Christian Values and the example of Love Christ gives to us.


Thirty years ago, Merv Landy decided to do something to try to change the story of young people who were growing up without hope for their future. What began as just an idea developed into a vision and with a lot of work became the not-for-profit Breakaway Youth.

Merv founded an organisation that has not just provided long-term, outdoor adventure-based programs for at risk young people, but also a community they can call their own. Through maintaining small group sizes, having consistent and caring leaders as well as a Christ-centred volunteers, staff and support team, Breakaway Youth has continued to work toward the vision Merv began, to cultivate Hope for Life in our young people.

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Breakaway Camps was a real eye opener for me.  It is something I will never forget.
It built a person in me that would otherwise never have been found.

My time in Breakaway Youth was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was like a huge extended family where everyone was happy.  Whether it was a day trip, weekend or school holiday program, every trip was an adventure.  Everlasting friendships were made and valuable life skills were learnt.

I don’t think I even want to think about what my life would be like without Breakaway Youth. I look at where I am in life today and can only say thank you.  I believe through these experiences I built up the confidence to get myself out of the environment I was living in and put myself into a stable and happy home.

I believe that this program does a lot more to people’s lives than they realise. I don’t think I’d ever be able to thank the leaders, founders and other kids of Breakaway Youth enough for what I’ve been given.

I don’t mind if you use my name as I’m not ashamed of who I was and what I am now.


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