What is Breakaway?

Breakaway is a unique youth support program that is based in Melbourne Victoria serving the Banyule, Darebin and Whittlesea regions. We use Adventure and under-canvas camping to spend time and connect with disadvantaged young people.

Our Aim is to provide a program of outdoor recreation for disadvantaged young people, primarily 10-16 year olds, for the purpose of improving their lifestyle by providing alternatives, which will give them a sense of achievement and self-esteem.

Our Programs

Breakaway’s program is for young people ages 10-16 from the Darebin, Banyule and Whittlesea areas. Each month the group will go away on an overnight camp, usually at Breakaway’s property Glendale in Taggerty.

Get Involved

Breakaway Youth is run by a diverse group of both paid and volunteer positions. We are always looking for new and exciting people to help journey with us.

Policies and Guidelines

Breakaway Youth has always kept ease of access to information a priority to foster a community strength. On our site you will find documentation including newsletters, application forms as well as Policies and Procedures.


Being a Not for Profit Organisation, Breakaway Youth has a number of groups that they both cooperate with and also get support from.


Breakaway Youth aims to give Youth from all walks a hope for a better life and to enjoy all kinds of activities.

4 days ago
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Who wants to know what our SECOND amazing grant for this month was??? Details below as promised.....

We'd like to announce that CCI Giving (The philanthropic branch of Catholic Church Insurance) has ... See more

1 week ago
Bennelong Foundation

We are SUPER excited to announce that in the last month, Breakaway Youth has received not ONE, not TWO, but THREE grants, totalling over $20,000!!!! But we don't want to spill the beans all at once! ... See more

1 week ago

Thank you Ged Kearney for your continued support with Breakaway Youth. We truly appreciate you keeping us on your 'radar' and the financial support you have provided our organisation will no doubt ... See more

3 weeks ago

What are you up to today as we celebrate Anzac Day? Our volunteers are hard at work as Auction 2019 preparations ramp up..!! Letters being posted soon to all our faithful donors seeking donations for ... See more

3 months ago

Cooking up a storm at Bunnings Northland! Come buy a sausage and say hi!

3 months ago

A little excitement at the end of camp is a good sign 😊 Summer Camp 2019

3 months ago
Photos from Breakaway Youth's post

As the week comes to a close we reflect on our crazy good summer camp. It has sure been a hot one this year but we managed to fine a way to keep cool each day.
Big thank you to all the Leaders and ... See more

3 months ago

Summer Time Water Slide is back

3 months ago
Photos from Breakaway Youth's post

Summer Camp 2019 is underway!

There are some super excited young people here that have been waiting all holidays for this week, what a privilege it is to be here with them and experience some good ... See more

5 months ago
Photos from Breakaway Youth's post

We finished up our 2018 year with a combined day trip to the beach! We spent the day in Geelong playing games, swimming, eating, and hanging out with each other to finish off our programs for 2018.

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